What we compare

We compare most popular cryptocurrency transfer products. We do not compare all available cryptocurrency transfer products. Therefore, there may be other options available to you.

Seek advice

Our rate comparison table is for your information only and is primarily used as a benchmark. You should consider seeking financial advice and consider your own personal financial circumstances when comparing products and decide what is best for you according to your own circumstances and needs.

How we compare rates

Our Standard Comparison table is based on a benchmark transfer of AUD $250 “Standard Comparison”. Rate differences are sourced from various websites which include the websites of our competitors to inform the Standard Comparison table. We do our best to confirm our competitors’ rates and update the Standard Comparison table. We do this to try to provide information to you that reflects the latest rate difference data we have been able to source.
The rate differences we show are based on the final prices as displayed and/or calculated on the competitor’s website or, if the final price is not shown on the competitor’s website, as estimated and calculated by us. This estimate and calculation may be subject to human error.
We may allow you to enter and compare other amounts against our rate and our competitors’ rates ("Bespoke Comparison"). We generate Bespoke Comparisons based on the most up-to-date version of the rate data held by us at the time of your Bespoke Comparison. We cannot guarantee that any Bespoke Comparison takes into account any extra fees or discounts applied by our competitors for such bespoke transfer amounts.


Due to the nature of the cryptocurrency industry, rates can change frequently. Accordingly, at any time, the rates used in our Standard Comparison or any Bespoke Comparison may not be accurate, complete or up-to-date at the time the Standard Comparison or a Bespoke Comparison is provided to you.
The accuracy of rate difference data for any Standard Comparison or any Bespoke Comparison is also subject to competitors maintaining accurate, up-to-date and complete rate data on their websites, including any applicable extra fees or discounts. The rate difference data is also based on the information we were able to access at the time the rate data was collected and inputted into the Standard Comparison table.
The best rate label, if shown, is based on the rate difference data in our Standard Comparison table. If this data is inaccurate, the best rate label may be incorrectly applied. We recommend you perform your own rate checks before relying on any displayed best rate label.