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Don’t miss out on over $500 billion in untapped revenue stream from early adopters. Start accepting crypto payments on your online store today.
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Watch your market grow

Expand your business to forward thinkers and early adopters around the world who transact in digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Libra. RelayPay integrates easily into your existing website, giving you fast access to new customers and digital currencies across the globe.

Pioneer a new form of online payment

Digital currency is the future of payments. Get ahead of the curve and start accepting bitcoin and other crypto payments before your competitors do and still get paid in fiat with no volatility risk.
untapped value
untapped value

Get protection from fraud

Blockchain technology allows you to accept crypto payments without the risk of fraud, chargeback, or unauthorised transactions. Meanwhile, our crypto payment gateway keeps your customers’ details safe.

Accept payments & get paid in AUD

At checkout, your customers can choose to pay with crypto now orget an interest-free check-out loan for up to 8 weeks.You’ll get paid in fiat and within 48 hours, no matter which option they choose.
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customer experience
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Keep your e-commerce platform

Our downloadable plugins make integrating RelayPay into your e-commerce platform and accepting crypto payments completely hassle-free. We also offer integrations to websites that use a native cart.
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Step into the future of online retail

Ready to take your business into the 21st century with digital currencies? Register your interest with RelayPay to start accepting crypto payments on your website now. Interested in spending crypto? Learn more about using us for yourpersonal transactions.

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Ready to spend your crypto like cash?

Beyond business, RelayPay can make using crypto in your personal life easier than ever. Frombill paymentstocash withdrawals, we’ve got you covered.
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